Writing our own resilience

Revisit your favorite conference sessions or catch up on what you missed from the joint UMACRAO/WACRAO 2021 conference November 1-5. Some session videos are either unavailable or not yet available. Videos will be available until January 7, 2022. After this time, please contact [email protected] to access recordings. 

Monday, Nov. 1 Tuesday, Nov. 2 Wednesday, Nov. 3 Thursday, Nov. 4 Friday, Nov. 5
 Conference   Welcome                    T. 1.1 Registrars Technical W 1.1 Parchment  WACRAO Annual Meeting  F 1.1 Present Change to Change the Present
Philanthropy with NAMI  T 1.2 Admissions Technical  W 1.2 Herff Jones  UMACRAO Annual Meeting  F 2.1 Employee Engagement
Writing Our Own Resilience, Keynote  T 1.3 UW System  W 1.3 CourseLeaf  FERPA Panel  F 2.2 Grassroots DEI
 M 1.1 Large Public  T 2.1 UW System Registrars  W 2.1 Anthology  Legislative and AACRAO Updates  F 3.1 Small Colleges/Colleague Users
 M 1.2 Small Public  T 2.2 Registrars Private  W 2.2 Paradigm    F 3.2 Investing in You
 M 2.1 Two Year Institution   T 3.1 Admissions Private  W 2.3 Motimatic   Keynote, Prakash Mathew
 M 2.2 Private Institutions   T 3.2 Registrars Public  W 3.1 FERPA Q&A    Closing Remarks
   T 3.3 Admissions Public  W 4.1 What it's Like to Have Depression and Anxiety    
   Presidential Pop-In  W 4.2 Using Social Media to Improve Student Retention    
     W 5.2 Entering the US Higher Education System as a Transfer Student