Leadership & Committees

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Auditing Committee             

The auditing committee meets once a year at the annual meeting to audit the association’s accounts, recommends accounting procedures, and reports back to the membership.

Auditing Chair: Rebecca Ringham, Minot State University

Historian, Archives

The historian/ archivist is responsible for maintaining historical information of the organization.

Historian: Elissa Thoman, University of Iowa

Membership Committee

The membership committee solicits new members to the organization, catalogs institutional and individual membership information, publishes the new member brochure, and plans a welcome session at the annual meeting.

Membership Chair: Abbie Suntken, Iowa State University

Executive Committee

Manages the business and affairs of the association; also known as the Board of Directors.

President: Shawna Saad, Iowa State University

President-Elect: Jessica Alberhasky, University of Iowa

Past-President: Sara Sullivan, University of Iowa

Secretary: Elissa Thoman, University of Iowa

Treasurer: Jodi Pierce, North Dakota State University

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

DEI Chair: Philip Hunt, North Dakota State University

Nominating Committee

The nominations committee selects and presents to the membership, nominees from the active membership for elective officers. This committee is chaired by the past president with input from the executive committee. 

Nominating Chair: Sara Sullivan, University of Iowa

Program Committee

The program committee develops the program for the annual meeting by soliciting ideas and securing presenters.

Program Chair: Emily Johnson, University of Iowa

Site Selection Committee

The UMACRAO site selection committee solicits information about and evaluates sites for the annual meeting.

Site Selection Chair: Joni Krueger, Augustana University

Local Arrangements Committee

The local arrangements committee serves as the host for the annual meeting and provides for all physical arrangements of the meeting.

Local Arrangements Chair: Caroline Kinney, Des Moines University

Special Recognition Committee

The special recognition committee makes nominations to the executive committee for the election of Honorary Life Member and Exemplary Service Awards. The past president serves as committee chair for the special recognition committee. 

Special Recognition Chair: Sara Sullivan, University of Iowa

Communications Committee

The communications committee maintains and manages the UMACRAO listserv, social media, and member communication including a quarterly newsletter and a special post-annual meeting newsletter.

Communications Chair: Chelsea Burk, University of Iowa

Technology Committee

The technology committee develops and uses technology to facilitate UMACRAO operations. This role maintains website information for all areas of UMACRAO, as well as providing technical support during annual conferences.

Technology Chair: Jacob Nolton, Iowa State University

Corporate Relations Committee

Working closely with the LAC and program committees, the corporate relations committee solicits vendors to participate in, present at, and host functions for the annual meeting.

Corporate Relations Chair: Colleen Harms, University of Minnesota

Philanthropy Committee

The philanthropy committee promotes UMACRAO’s philanthropic mission. In conjunction with the local arrangements committee, the philanthropy committee coordinates and executes the fundraiser that occurs at the annual conference.

Philanthropy Chair: Caroline Jens, University of Iowa 

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Chair serves a two-year term and is the primary contact for AACRAO for issues related to higher-education topics and policies. This position is responsible for keeping the membership informed of state, regional, and national issues such as proposed legislation or new government policies.  Under the direction of the UMACRAO Executive Committee, this position engages in the promotion, advocacy, and advancement of academic and educational policy through coordinated communication with legislators at the state and federal levels.

Government Relations Chair: James Harms, University of Minnesota